Best Time to Enjoy a Singapore Vacation

Vacation in Singapore Singapore boasts of a pleasant, year-round tropical weather that attracts hordes of leisure and business travelers. The peak season starts from the winter holidays and reaches a crescendo during the Chinese Lunar Year in January-February.

Sentosa reveals some expert traveler tips on visiting Singapore to keep your kids happily occupied.


Though the country features a warm tropical climate throughout the year, some seasonal changes make certain months sultrier than others. The temperatures are slightly lower during November to March when the monsoon arrives. Singapore experiences heavy rainfall between November to January due to the Northeast Monsoon winds, while June to September witnesses moderate rainfall due to the Southwest Monsoon winds, when its gets increasing warmer.


Festivals are a huge draw in Singapore due to its multi-ethnic migrant community. The country’s vibrant spirit comes out full force during Christmas, Deepawali (October or November) and the Chinese New Year (January or February). Ethnic pockets such as Little India and Chinatown are vibrantly lit during festivals and there is a myriad of cultural performances and lip-smacking regional food served on street-side stalls. Don’t leave without savoring delicious mooncakes at Chinatown during the Chinese New Year celebrations at Chinatown.


July to September is when the more tourist-focused Singapore events such the Great Singapore Sale and the Singapore Food Festival are organized. The latter is a yearly celebration of the island country’s culinary tradition celebrated with a series of events that offer visitors an interactive and up-close experience of the region’s authentic delicacies. From food streets filled with hawkers to skilled chefs, everyone participates in this gourmet extravaganza.

Singapore is always buzzing with merriment and good weather though the best time to visit climate-wise is between November to March. Lots of festivals such as Deepawali, Christmas and the Chinese New Year are celebrated here between October to February while July- September witnesses enjoyable Singapore events such the Singapore Food Festival.

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