Slow and Steady: Things to Keep in Mind When Taking a Family Portrait

Family PicturePictures are actually strange. You stay still in front of a small box and pretend to be happy by smiling. Well, you may be in the state of happiness, but freezing a smile to appear good in a photograph takes a lot of effort.

But, there’s an even more chaotic situation to that: family photos.

You see, a lot of awkward things happen in an all-relative shoot. According to Light Images by Suzan, it’s extremely challenging to capture a family photograph, which will include the elderly and the little ones. You will have to strike a balance between the stillness of the older family members and the energetic, uncontrollable little ones.

Below are some picture-perfect tips for taking successful family photographs:

Go With the Flow

To some people, staying still for a pose is a weird thing. This is why some look very unnatural. When someone looks so stiff, don’t ask them to tighten up even more. Ask them to give their most relaxed form instead.

Free Style If Formal Doesn’t Go Well

Sometimes, it’s better to let everyone choose their own poses. This lets the photograph show the individual characters and candid faces of each family member, which is the main point of group shots anyway.

Light Up When Necessary

The first rule: don’t take a picture against the light. You can either use the light coming from your side or from up top to show finer effects in your pictures. The lighting can also define the mood of the family shoot, so you don’t want any awkward lighting.

Just Have Fun

Unlike before where you literally have to stay frozen in your pose for about a minute or two, modern cameras now provide more flexibility. Skip the sitting family pose and try some other new themes like mimicking poses from your favorite TV show or a surprise jump shot. Doing things that will make your folks naturally smile is the best.

Family photos are a great way to keep memories alive and well. But, it takes more than just a pose or two to get it right.

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