Rice Cooker Hacks When You Run Out of Gas

Rice Cooker Hacks

Rice Cooker HacksOne common household dilemma is the moment when you run out of gas.

Often, this catches everyone off guard. The moment you needed fire the most is the time where it will exactly decide to run out. But, if you really want to provide nutritious home treats, this little dilemma can’t stop you from being resourceful.

As such, rice cooker cooking became a thing. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a good time to learn. Below, CustomCulinary.com shares some beautiful things you can with your rice cooker:

A Cool Food Maker

You can’t exactly rely on your bread toasters or coffee makers for some decent breakfast. That’s why knowing how to cook using a rice cooker can save you the trouble of calling up your still closed local gas provider.

Starting the Rice Cooking Show

Just like with any frying pan, you can start cooking in a rice cooker as long as you turn it on. Make sure your rice is in “cooking mode” rather than “keep warm.” Here’s a list of easy breakfast ideas you can create:

  • Boiled Eggs – There is a thousand ways to boil an egg, and this is one of them. Simply bring the water in the rice cooker to a boil and let the eggs cook.
  • Frittatas – Use the steaming option of your rice cooker to process precut vegetables before cooking them all together with scrambled egg.
  • Oatmeal – Throw in your oats and other types of cereals in the rice cooker water. You can also add some berries and jams to make it more interesting
  • Pancake – Combine all the pancake mix in a pitcher, mix, and then let the rice cooker evenly create a pancake.
Further Hacks to Consider

With the same concept of cooking rice, you can also cook steamed vegetables and meat together. Add in the stock, the meat, the veggies, spices, and see the magic happen.

Rice cookers are versatile kitchen equipment if you allow them to be. Make sure to always keep your rice cooker around in case you run out of gas.

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