Family Law

Five Important Jargons and Concepts you must Know

August 23, 2018

Filing for divorce could be a challenge. You need to attend court proceedings, prepare and submit documents, and spend some money. What’s more challenging though is encountering terms and jargons that you have heard before […]

Last will and testament document

3 Common Questions on Writing Wills

August 14, 2018

Most people know the importance of having a last will. In fact, having a will irrespective of your age or your net worth is paramount, unlike the common myth that only old people should write […]


How to Opt Out of Your Timeshare Contract

July 17, 2018

Getting out of your timeshare contract calls for using your right to rescind, selling your share of the property, or negotiating for a deed-in-lieu. It can be problematic to opt out once the rescission period […]