What to Do When You’ve Sustained Injuries Caused by Others

an accident in construction

You have been in an accident that resulted in you sustaining major injuries, lengthy hospitalization, and many days of missed work. And all these pain and suffering caused by the negligence of someone else. Whether the car crash; motorcycle collision; slip, trip, and/or fall; or any other type of incident that resulted in your injuries were due to the fault of others, know that you have every right to a fair compensation.

The Law Offices of John D. Halepaska continually reminds anyone who has fallen victim to major pain and suffering caused by others should not think twice about filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, just as important is knowing the basics of this branch of law as the State of Colorado defines and implements it.

Personal injury law in CO

One thing to keep in mind is that each state implements its policies regarding personal injury cases. They do, however, have certain similarities. For instance, all states in the country define personal injury as any form of harm caused by another that affects one’s physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being. Furthermore, the specific types of claims these cases fall under may have varying terms, but they are often the same.

Most common reasons for personal injury lawsuits

In The Centennial State, accidents involving car collisions remain the top reason behind personal injury lawsuits. Other common complaints include occupational diseases and injuries, accidents and injuries caused by defective products, as well as slip, trip, and fall incidents.

Protecting your rights

Not all types of injury-causing accidents warrant the expertise of a personal injury lawyer. However, when you’ve gone through extensive damage and experienced severe pain and suffering, you shouldn’t let the party at fault get away with it. Protect your rights, and seek legal assistance when filing a claim as soon as possible.

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