Types of Wood to Consider for Your Boat Dock

Choosing the best type of wood for a boat dock is all about key details, as mentioned in the video. It’s very important to consider a great number of things to make them resistant to damage and long-lasting.

Teak and mahogany are commonly found hardwoods that are popular choices because of their natural resistance to rot and insects, which makes them suitable for marine environments. On the other hand, cheaper softwoods like pinewood and cedar can be treated under pressure, which will still provide decent longevity with consistent sealing and staining.

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When it comes to boat docks, expensive and exotic woods are in high demand for their extraordinary strength and durability against decay. With that in mind, the type of wood to choose should be consistent with the budget, desired aesthetic, and maintenance needs if builders want the boat dock to last longer. Make sure to let professionals in the field guide the process to provide the most appropriate assistance for each unique case.

Professionals with experience in building docks can guide the project to ensure the best woods are selected. They can also create a design or install a style that prevents hazards and offers the best functionality for the landscape and area.


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