Protect Your Kids Against These 4 Common Childhood Illnesses

a sick boy

A healthy, happy baby is every mother’s pride. But, even with the best care, your little one is bound to catch an infection, especially during the cold months when germs spread so easily. And this is just one of the things your child can acquire as he or she grows older.

Knowing what diseases affect kids most can help you take measures to prevent them, or at least effectively tackle them the moment they strike. Watch out for these four top culprits.

Tooth decay

Most parents don’t know this, but tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic childhood condition. Common causes of this illness include poor dental hygiene and consumption of sugary foods. Work with a reliable dentist here in Chatsworth, CA to keep this illness at bay or treat it when it strikes.

Common cold

Kids get common colds up to five times every year. Take care of the illness through the consumption of fluids, and allow your kid sufficient rest. Don’t give your baby cough or cold medicines if she’s less than six months old. Also, use saline spray or drops to soften their nasal passageways.


Pinkeye is an inflammation of the tissue that lines your child’s eyes. It causes a yellowish discharge and crusty eyes. Typically, this condition is caused by bacterial infection, although it could also be brought about by allergies and irritants in the air.

Respond to an attack with antibiotic or allergy drops before it aggravates.


This troublesome illness is caused by kid’s poor hygiene. You’ll notice your kid scratching her bottom as a result of the itching the parasite causes. If infected children scrape their bottoms and fail to wash their hands, then they can pass the infection to other kids.

Fortunately, you can contain the problem with a single dose of prescription medicine and good hygiene.

As a parent, expect to battle bouts of illnesses in your kid every once in a while. Your best weapon is to anticipate these and put in place strategies to ward them off.

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