How You Can Help to Reduce Waste and Save Money at the Same Time

Kiwis should realise that there are several ways on how they can save money by making changes to their household spending, which will then help in preserving environmental resources. If you own a car, for instance, it will require you to spend $393,600 in your lifetime.

Those who have old and unusable cars may surrender them to scrap metal recyclers, so they could reuse their metal for a different purpose. You could not only reduce waste on landfills, but also earn money at the same time. The Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand (SMRANZ) offers an extensive list of the different kinds of scrap metals, so you might want to check their official website.

Sustainable Changes

Public transportation serves as one key to doing your part against air pollution. If leaving your car at home is not possible, then focus on how you could change your shopping habits on groceries. In New Zealand, dumpsites take more than 122,500 tonnes of food waste every year that is equivalent to 79 kilos of edible food per household.

By following a shopping list and observing proper meal planning, you may save at least $560 every year. The same applies to buying reusable containers. Instead of purchasing disposable plastic containers, it will be more economical and environment-friendly container. A reusable water bottle, for instance, may save gym-goers up to $30 per week.

DIY Adjustments

Some sustainable changes will require you to go the extra mile. Cosmetic items are an example and with just $20 on ingredients, you could already make your own beauty products. This will prompt you to give up on branded items, although think about the money you will save in the process.

In 2016, every Kiwi spent more than $1,300 on cosmetic products and services such as makeup and haircuts, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Most of us think that environmental conservation takes too much time and effort. In reality, all it takes are simple changes in household spending and consumption of resources.

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