What do Patients Look for in a Dental Clinic in W1

Patient with braces

What distinguishes a great dental clinic in W1 from any other? Patients have a lot of choice when it comes to dentistry these days so they can shop around till they find the practice that’s right for them.

Most people will be looking for a dental clinic in W1, like Harley Street Dental Clinic, that can offer them a relaxed environment and years of experience. Some other valuable qualities are discussed below.

Highly qualified professionals

It is great if a dental practice has a large team with a broad range of skills including some specialists. This means that patients can move between professionals at the practice and get continuity of care while benefiting from the experience of different people.

All dental professionals at the clinic should be members of the General Dental Council (GDC). This is the governing body for dentistry in the UK. Members will be listed on their website and their GDC numbers will usually be on the website of the practice where they are working. If they claim to be a specialist in a certain field, this is also verified and documented by the GDC. Members of the GDC are required to keep their professional skills up to date through continuous professional development.

Great communication

People want a friendly welcome when they get to a practice. This is where the administration team support the process by ensuring a warm welcome for everyone. Once patients are working with a dentist, it is vital that they get clear and jargon-free information about their treatment choices so they can make decisions about any procedures.

Lots of treatment options

Offering a wide range of treatments means that a practice is committed to providing their patients with access to the latest developments when it comes to dental procedures. When a dental clinic in W1 continues to grow, it means that the people working there are passionate about adding to their skills.

A modern dentist will usually offer their patients much more than simple, routine care, although this will still form an important part of their service. They are also likely to be offering cosmetic procedures, advanced dentistry like dental implants, and facial aesthetics treatments.

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