How to Keep a Bed Bugs Infestation From Expanding

a bed bug

Bed bug populations have increased substantially in the past decade. Public health experts and bed bug removal companies attribute the comeback to increased international travel and changes in pesticides use. Here are five easy things you can do to prevent an infestation from getting established or from spreading.

1. Check hotel rooms before unpacking

Bed bugs love to hide in small, dark spaces. Their favorite spots include behind headboards, along with the seams of mattresses, and between mattresses and box springs. Check these spaces before unpacking and don’t put suitcases on the hotels’ floors. After your trip, wash or dry clean your stuff immediately. Also, check your bags to confirm no bugs accompanied you home.

2. Keep infested items in sealed plastic bags.

Stuff removed from an infested space should be stored in sealed plastic bags and treated. Let items that can’t be treated stay in the sealed plastic bag for at least a year.

3.Don’t throw away infested furniture.

If you can’t eliminate the bed bugs in it, don’t discard the furniture. Dumping the furniture will only help spread the bugs. Talk to a bed bugs removal company about treating beds and other furniture.

If your furniture can’t be salvaged, discard the piece responsibly. You can rip its covers and remove stuffing or destroy it in any other way that discourages reuse.

4. Empty your vacuum after each use.

Vacuuming can help control bed bugs. However, you must take steps to prevent spreading the bugs further. After emptying the vacuum, seal the bag and discard it in an outdoor bin. Remember to wash the cleaner and check it for bugs.

5. Bed bugs extermination

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a combination of chemical treatments and heat or cold treatments. For effective bed bugs control, talk to an experienced pest management professional.

Bed bugs are some of the most challenging pests to control. They hide well, reproduce quickly and have become resistant to several forms of treatment. Take all the precautions possible to reduce the spread of these bugs. And if you suspect or notice an infestation, talk to a professional about inspection and removal.

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