What Stylists Don’t Tell You About Hair Extensions

Hair extension

Hair extensionFor instant hair length, many people go to the nearest salon to get hair extensions. It’s a trend among women who often change their style due to fashion trends. Extensions may look good on you, but you need to have a deeper understanding of these marvels of modern hairstyling.

There are different types of extensions, and not all of them are ideal for your hair.

Hair extensions can be removable or attached permanently to hair.

Clip-ins – Temporary hair extensions that you can remove when sleeping or swimming
Tape-ins – Extensions attached to your hair using double-sided keratin tape
Glue-ins – Extensions glued to the hair line, not your scalp
Sew-ins – Woven extensions into a concealed braid (no glue)
Protein-bonded – Extensions bonded about two centimeters from the scalp using glue, keratin, or any plant and petroleum-based adhesive

Before anything else, it’s best to visit hair salons in Austin or anywhere you live in Texas to have your natural hair checked. For instance, glue-in extensions are better for women with thicker strands; African-American hair is a perfect example.

Hair extensions don’t last forever, so they need proper care.

Depending on the type and level of care, you can have good-looking strands that last from four weeks to a year. Protein-bonded and tape-in extensions have a lifespan of six to eight weeks, glue-ins last from four to six weeks, and clip-ins can go on for about a year. These are estimates only because the way you wash, dry, store, and style your extensions could affect their quality over time.

You might be paying more than you should for your extensions.

Never sacrifice quality for price because you might get extensions that aren’t made of virgin hair—hair that never went through any chemical process. Always go for reputable salons even if their price is a little higher, as you can be sure that they’re giving you quality products.

Hair extensions are good for aesthetics, but you should have a better understanding of them before getting them. Do your research or ask any salon staff to find out more about extensions.

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