Independent Living: Is it the Right Choice for You?

Independent Living

Independent LivingThe thought of revising your current living arrangements can make you feel anxious and vulnerable. You may also feel like losing control over your life, including a great deal of independence. Acknowledging your limitations and accepting assistance early on, however, is much better than trying to deal with the challenges on your own. Moving to an independent living facility may also help you maintain some of your independence longer.

Find out if this living arrangement is right for you.

Getting Around

If you live in an area where you have to drive to visit friends and shops, evaluate how comfortable you are with activity itself. If you’re less comfortable driving, you are most likely to rely on public transportation to get around. You may also find it harder to go to the activities you enjoy or visit others. Onsite services in independent living communities offer medical assistance, as well transportation options to outside activities.

Health Concerns

When choosing a housing option, consider your health. If you have a health issue that limits your mobility, it is best to weigh your options carefully. Ask yourself if you can manage daily activities such as eating, showering, cleaning, and your medication. If you feel that you need minor assistance with everyday activities, independent living is a good choice.

Home Maintenance

Maintaining a home can be difficult as you get older. If you own a house with a spacious yard that needs constant maintenance, help is surely required. Assistance is also necessary if your home is on a steep hill or up several flights of stairs. These challenges will make it harder for you to leave your home, leading to isolation. Independent living is a better choice, as it may give you more flexibility and freedom in the long run.

Making the transition to independent living may seem difficult at first. Go easy on yourself and keep in mind that everyone copes with change differently. If you feel like you’re taking longer than you need to, talk to family members, friends, or a therapist.

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