No Budget? Try Cutting Your Own Hair!

DIY Haircuts

DIY HaircutsCutting your own hair is akin to social suicide, especially if you don’t have the know-how and the aid of someone holding a mirror to your back. This is why people go to salons. Still, what if you have no budget for it?

Given the choice between skimping on a haircut and going to the best hairdresser in Perth, the majority would choose the latter. Lack of resources for a styling does not mean that a bad haircut – you can even do it yourself until such time as you can afford the services of a professional stylist, suggests

Maintaining Your Long Hair

For long tresses, you needn’t shed all of that if you lack the budget. It is a case of maintaining your hair or cutting off the damaged part—usually the ends of your hair. If you have a pair of scissors and the keen eye to spot split-ends, go ahead and try to remove those split-ends. Better yet, give your hair a trim so that it would have an even edge. Just remember that you need to wash your hair first before you trim off any edges.

Maintaining your Short Hair

Men and women with short hair can give themselves a favour by using an electric razor and scissors to do the trick. As always, before you begin snipping away, wash off your hair before you do anything. Afterwards, fix your hair by cutting off any excess ends and using the razor to shape your hair to your desired length and volume. This works on women who want to maintain short hair, as well.

Be Professional

One should remember to have a mirror ready and a water sprayer available for some accents. The mirror helps in looking at areas that you’re cutting, and it also gives you a 360-degree view of your hair and how it’s shaping up.

Remember to check from time to time so that you won’t end up wishing you just went to the best hairdresser in Perth. Which you must, anyway, if you had the dough!

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