The Right Material for Your Balustrade: What Factors Can Influence Your Choice?


BalustradeMost homeowners consider a balustrade as home accessories. It is no secret that it’s a great addition to any home, but it can actually offer much more. Whether the architectural style of your house is Victorian, minimalist, sleek, contemporary or old yet full of character, a little know-how is important when it comes to determining which balustrade is best to use.

When choosing the right material, you should not base your decisions solely on price. High price does not always mean better. To make a smart choice, it’s important that you know the key factors that can influence your decision-making.

Aesthetic Appeal

Do you have a style in mind? To know what’s ideal for your home upgrade, the first thing you should consider is the “wow” factor of the material. Glass balustrades, for instance, can make a home look stylish, airy and comfortable. It allows natural light to pass through, making any room feel more spacious.

As industry professional Clear-az-Glass Fencing puts it: “Glass fences and balustrades provide a low profile, yet functional centrepiece that heightens the enjoyment of your internal traffic space for your staircase, mezzanine or upstairs open areas keeping them well lit with no natural light being hindered by solid balustrades. It offers sophistication and modern, functional design that will increase the value of your home that won’t age or date your property.”


Apart from the beauty, focus also on safety to prevent accidents. Whether you have small children or your parents have mobility issues, choose a material that serves as a safety measure. If you’re going to install a fence around your backyard pool, glass balustrades are a great option to prevent kids from falling over the edge. It is thick and sturdy, making it difficult to break.


Another factor you should keep in mind is maintenance. If you have a busy lifestyle, choose a material that’s easy to maintain, but can last for years. Glass, aluminium and stainless steel are the common types.

When deciding to install a balustrade, make sure that it’s a perfect fit for your purpose. It isn’t just the aesthetic appeal that comes into play, but also durability, strength, security and maintenance.

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