The Curious Case of Chef’s Jackets: Why are They White?

Chef's jacketAustralians love to eat. In fact, Canstar Blue’s survey revealed that 37 per cent of South Australians prefer quantity over quality when it comes to food. This is not to say that they veer away from good food, of course.

With the many restaurants all over Australia, it is no wonder that most individuals who love to cook want to be chefs someday. Before you go into the culinary industry, relish these facts about the chef’s jacket first.

Why are chef’s jackets white?

The obvious answer is that chefs look professional and respectable in such a garb. There is another practical reason: it reflects heat. In a professional kitchen, fires are burning, pots are boiling and high temperature oil is sizzling.

Chefs wear white because it reflects heat instead of absorbing it. Their job is already stressful and demanding—wearing white can help chefs keep a cool head.

What are they really for?

These professionals wear chef’s whites not just to show off their position. The heavy cotton protects the wearer.

Ovens, fryers and stoves quickly heat up. Since chefs use their arms and hands a lot, the long sleeves protect the skin from the negative effects of continuous exposure to high temperature and steam. mentions variations of the chef’s white to have a poly/cotton blend and rolled up sleeves for a dash of trendiness.

The jacket is also highly absorptive and cotton fibres readily soak up spilled liquids, including hot oil. When you work in a professional kitchen, your first line of defence is the jacket you are wearing. Before the searing heat burns your skin, remove the jacket quickly.

The oil stains are then removed with bleach so that after washing it you can use it again.

Similarly, the double-breasted design adds another layer of protection against stains. If it gets messy, simply reverse the flaps.

Matt Smith of The Waterline Restaurant says diners have more awareness about the cuisine. Chefs step up to the challenge by serving good food and looking professional at all times.

With people always interested about new cuisine, a career in the food industry will sure

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