Office Fitouts Redefined: Six Offices with Unique Business Settings

Office Design

Office DesignOffice design is one of the primary factors affecting employee productivity. Companies conduct office fitouts with their employees’ needs in mind. Outside of the enhanced productivity brought by commercial fitouts, some companies consider something even more than employee satisfaction – the chance to be artsy in workplace design.

The Caretakers provides a quick view of some of the unique office designs from around the globe.

1. Goethe Institute in Barcelona, Catalonia

One of the minimal futuristic fitouts, the building’s reception area appears as if it came from a scene in the movie “Tron”. There are microphones installed at different locations, turning the ambient sound into a mesmerizing light display.

2. Inventionland in Pittsburgh, US

This office looks much like a theme park. The office floor has a pirate ship, a racing track and a gingerbread house, making it an inventor’s haven. This could serve as fuel for what they call the “world’s largest invention factory”.

3. The Engine Group in London, United Kingdom

In an attempt to turn at least a part of the office into an amusement park, one room in the building contains four spinning waltzers. The lift is coated in Jaffa Cakes – real, lick-able biscuits.

4. Epic in Wisconsin, US

Epic’s office design is popular for its consistency. The corridors look like the New York subway, while the meeting rooms look like tree houses.

5. Group Gallegos California, US

Every building needs a sprinkler system, but these safety systems often look out of place. Grupo Gallegos thought of a way to include these sprinklers in their office fitout. They used inverted umbrellas and hung them from the ceiling to disguise the sprinklers.

6. Group8 in Geneva, Switzerland

This architectural firm has settled with the bare minimum in designing its meeting areas. The firm designed their rooms to look like shipping containers.

These designs are both novel and amusing, while helping employees remain in high spirits. If you are looking for some design inspiration for your office, this list may be a treasure trove.

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