Simple Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly

Senior-Friendly Bathroom

Senior-Friendly BathroomYour bathroom is considered among the most dangerous places in the house. This can especially be true for older individuals who are at risk of injurious trips and falls. As such, it is important to ensure that your bathroom is senior-friendly to keep your loved ones safe from damaging, sometimes even lifethreatening incidents.

To keep your older adults secure when using the bathroom, consider these tips:

  • Make sure that the rugs and bath mats are slip-free. You can do this by securing the rugs on the floor with non-slip tapes. suggests using slip-free bathroom tiling as well, which you can hire a contractor to install.
  • Grab bars and rails are effective in preventing incidents of trips and falls inside the bathroom. Install them strategically near the toilet bowl, sink, and shower for easy reach.
  • Consider installing an adjustable hand-held showerhead. Being able to hold the shower head gives your elderly the freedom to sit while taking a shower, which greatly reduces their risk of slip-related accidents.
  • Raising your toilet bowl at least three inches in height can provide significant comfort and stability for your elderly. However, you don’t have to replace your toilet bowl entirely. Installing a thick, non-slip cushion on the toilet seat is enough to raise your toilet a little higher.
  • Curbs in the bathroom may increase the risk of slips and falls. As such, you may want to consider clearing all the curbs in your bathroom to keep the floor traffic free from any obstruction.
  • Finally, keeping your bathroom floor clean from any intrusive object can help you ensure the safety of your elderly.

Keeping your bathroom senior-friendly doesn’t only provide comfort and safety for the elderly; it also increases their independence in using the bathroom, which somehow provides relief to the care givers.

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