How White Label SEO Benefits both the Provider and the Resellers

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White label SEO is a setup wherein a business upsells another SEO company’s services without revealing the identity of the source of the product or service. In this business agreement, the reseller sells the SEO service under its brand as if they are the source.

More and more Internet marketers are taking advantage of this setup. It is a win-win situation to both the providers and resellers. Here’s a closer look at the many advantages of white label SEO.

For SEO Resellers

Not all Internet marketers are capable of delivering SEO solutions. Thanks to white label SEO, they can now provide SEO products and services, allowing them to expand their marketing services. Also, because of the huge demand for optimization services and the fact that they can now upsell SEO, there is a better opportunity to grow their client base. Also, they have the freedom to set their price for each service or SEO solutions package.

The setup also lets resellers cut costs while diversifying their services and improving their brand. There is no need to recruit and pay a new in-house team.

For SEO Providers

According to white label SEO resellers like SEO Werkz in Salt Lake City, providers of SEO solutions can also benefit from this setup. First and foremost, it gets rid of the need for business development effort. Thanks to the resellers who take care of finding, communicating with, and dealing with the clients.

It also lets the provider of the service to grow their business. With reasonably priced reseller packages, they can attract more resellers and allow steady enterprise growth. Ultimately, there will be an increase in their revenue. What’s best is they can achieve these even without exerting much effort on developing their business. All they must do is maintain the quality of their SEO solutions and help their resellers satisfy the needs of their clients.

This is the reason white label SEO remains a hot trend in the industry. If you are interested in this business setup, it pays to find the right people to work with. More importantly, start by learning as much as you can about how SEO works.

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