5 Tips on Choosing the Best Cebu Condo Unit

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Finding the best condo in Cebu is harder than you think. With many options to choose from, 32 Sanson by Rockwell noted that it could be all too easy to make a costly (literally and figuratively) mistake. Use these tips to narrow your better bets down:

1. Mull Over Affordability

The best condo unit is the one that wouldn’t empty your coffers. All of us want to buy the fanciest piece of real estate, but it can be a significant expense. Unless you have enough dispensable money to buy it via cash, you’ll likely need to take out a loan to complete your purchase. Plus, saving for a down payment is no joke either.

No matter how bad you want a particular condo unit, make sure your bank account permits it. Otherwise, you might lose it to foreclosure, and put yourself in a hard financial situation.

2. Put a Premium on Security

Building safety should be high on your agenda. Understand the security measures your condominium observes to protect its residents. To enjoy absolute peace of mind, strongly consider getting a condo unit on a higher floor. The farther you are from the ground, the safer you would be.

3. Think About Access

Do you not have the willingness to walk flights of stairs carrying grocery bags with both hands, or sometimes wait for an elevator for minutes? You’re probably more suited to live on a lower floor.

4. Don’t Forget About Noise

Silence can be deafening, but too much noise is pollution. This shouldn’t be an issue if the building rests on the quieter side of the city. But the metro is usually alive 365 days a year. If you yearn for peace and quiet, a condo unit on the penthouse level is ideal for you.

5. Consider Evacuation

How would you get out of the building in one piece in case disaster strikes? Find out the evacuation measures the condominium has in place in the event of emergencies. A good building should have amenities available to guarantee the safety of its residents whatever happens.

Don’t rush into your decision to avoid any regret. Take your time to explore different options, and measure each one’s advantages against disadvantages to make an informed choice.

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