Investing In Video: 4 Reasons Why Video Will Help You Sell Well

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Video may have started as a medium for amusement, but now more and more businesses are using it to advertise their products. This would have been unimaginable a decade ago, but now the internet is faster and accessible to people around the world. Construction companies, for example, may find it easier to do marketing of building materials to customers without being physically there. That’s just one advantage of using videos, and here are four exciting statistics to further prove it.

Attentive Audiences

According to a report by Hubspot, fifty-five percent of viewers consume video content thoroughly. This means that whatever video content you put out, there will be people ready to watch it in full. This is especially true if the video is of a product that some people love. For example, a video about home design ideas will attract homeowners looking to improve their interiors.

Product Persuasions

Hubspot further notes that sixty-four percent of users get more inclined to purchase a product after watching its video. This makes sense because getting to see the features of a product up-close gives buyers an informed decision on whether they need the product or not.

Observing Than Reading

A report by Animoto found out that four times as many people would rather watch a product than read about it. This reinforces that if you want to sell your product, you really should opt for a video about it instead of a lengthy post detailing its features. Most people simply are too busy to read a lot, and would largely prefer a video since it verifies what a post claims about the product.

Growth Through Video

Lastly, VidYard’s report indicates that businesses who utilize video content marketing grow forty-nine percent faster than those who don’t. This proves that video content is a medium you should tap into if you don’t want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Investing In Video

In conclusion, business leaders should start investing in video content as a way of marketing their products. The studies mentioned above have proven that customers largely prefer videos. With this medium, you can convince customers about the benefits of your product, whether it’s a building material, a beverage, or a prescribed drug.

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