3 Things to Take Care of Before Moving into a New House

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Moving to a new home can be a very exciting experience. That said, it can also be quite overwhelming because of the many things that have to be taken care of. If you’re about to transfer to your new home, here are some of the things you should see to before moving in.

Check for health hazards

Help ensure your new house is safe for habitation by checking it for health hazards, including toxic substances and pests. This is generally the responsibility of landlords and sellers, so ask yours for a copy of the most recent test and treatment report.

If you’d rather find out for yourself, however, you can hire a company such as Aerolite Group operating in Utah to do a home inspection for such hazards.

Asbestos, lead, carbon monoxide, rodents, mosquitoes, and ants are some of the home health hazards you should look out for.

Assess the utility fixtures

Aside from the supply, make sure that the fixtures delivering electricity and water into the house are in good working condition. You should go check if all the power outlets and switches are working and that there aren’t any exposed electrical wires.

For the water supply, ensure that there are no clogged or leaky pipes and fixtures. Additionally, you should know where the circuit breaker box and main water valve are in the house.

Reinforce the security features

For your protection when you eventually move in, secure the main entry points into the house. This is especially important if other people had lived in the house before you as they might still have the keys to your new home.

Consider changing the locks and adding door chains and bolts to the doors leading into the house. Similarly, you should see if window locks need to be installed or repaired.

Living in a new home should be an exciting experience, and you can help ensure this by dealing with some things before moving in.

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