Three Ways to Make Your Garage More Functional

Residential two-car garage

When you think of a garage, the first thing that comes to your mind is junk. All the items you have meant to dispose of, such as kitchen appliances and repair tools, are probably in your garage.

Making a garage in your Cairns home functional not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall value of your home. One of the easiest ways to renovate your garage is by installing an automated garage door that opens all the way to provide lighting and ventilation. Other ways to enhance your garage space include:

1. Zoning

Plan how you are going to use up your garage space by deciding where to put your tools. A workbench can help create a boundary between your workspace and parking space. You don’t have to put up partition walls; you can use paint to mark out different areas for carrying out various tasks.

2. A Wall Storage System

Have a storage system against one side of your garage. You can use stainless steel shelving racks or install built-in shelves. Make sure that you do an excellent job not only because increases your house’s curb appeal but also because you don’t want to spend more to fix the effects of a shoddy job.

3. A Mountable Workbench

Design a mountable workbench to make your garage space less congested. Once you have zoned your garage, pick a wall that does not block your parking. Make sure that the partition you choose is sturdy enough to support the workbench. Also, reinforce the wall to ensure that it does not release accidentally or injure someone.

An organised garage provides you with a better parking space and working environment. If the garage is in a poor state, you can consult a professional about the renovation, which can be crucial for increasing the value of your home.

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