Various Garage Door Safety Features You Should Look For

a red garage door

Most garage door versions come with an automatic lifting system for the user’s convenience and safety, and, in most cases, they fulfil the function. However, in other cases, they can be dangerous.

This is why these doors come with inbuilt garage door safety features to help safeguard your family and other garage users. Below is a run-down of the safety features of the automatic garage doors for your Newcastle home.

Auto-Reverse Function

Almost all garage door openers made after 1991 come with an inbuilt sensor, which detects even the faintest level of resistance when closing the garage door.

This feature comes in handy in case a pet, or a child gets caught under the door when closing, as the auto reverse function will act upon contact with the resistance. When testing this safety feature for functionality, ensure that you use an object and not any part of your body.

Mechanical Release

Sometimes, an accident or a storm might cause electrical power outages, but you still need to access your garage. When this happens, check and locate a red handle, which is typically attached to the garage door near the opener.

This handle is a manual release that helps you bypass the garage door opener motor enabling you to roll the garage door up and open it.

Infra-red Motion Detection

Modern garage doors come with an infra-red sensor installed on the track near the ground. In case an object or a person breaks the beam during operation, the motor will stop and pull the door open. Similar to the auto reverse function, you can use objects to test the functionality of this feature.

The above-listed features are mainstays of a modern garage door. Their essence is to keep you and your family safe in case you have a run-in with your garage door. Ensure to check functionality upon installation, repair, or routine maintenance.

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