Three Simple Improvements for a Man’s Personal Style

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We all know on some level that while it’s virtuous to look past appearances and judge people on their character and behavior, there are still many situations in life where one’s looks exert a profound influence on experiences and outcomes. People respond more positively and treat you with greater respect if you dress and groom well, which can easily affect things like relationships and job opportunities. Yet for various reasons, men of any age tend to be more prone to neglecting their appearance, or falling short in some details. And if you don’t develop the habit of caring for personal presentation, it can be hard to even start addressing the problems that ensue. Here are some basic tips that any man can use to improve issues with their style.

Be well-groomed all around

Men might not be mindful about the minutiae of their appearance, but small details matter. You don’t have to experiment with hairstyles, but finding the right haircut for men of different facial features and lifestyles – from a New York executive to a country rancher – is one of the rewards of consulting with a professional hair stylist. When you find a look that works, maintain it. Shave regularly, style your facial hair, and use the appropriate products. Don’t overlook other details such as trimming excessive chest hair, nose and ear hair, or clipping nails. Regularly applying moisturizer and sunscreen isn’t something only girls should do – it keeps skin revitalized and healthy, removing the dirt and blemishes which can build up from daily exposure to the elements.

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Pay attention to fit

Not every woman can rock a bikini, but they know that you can make the right choices in order to dress up well, look great, and not lose an ounce of confidence. In contrast, men can often resort to cover-up attempts such as wearing oversized shirts or baggy paints – this merely backfires and draws even more attention to the fact that a guy is out of shape and trying to conceal it. A good tailor can be an indispensable resource for every man looking to start upgrading their personal style. Even if you’re on a budget, department store pieces can be easily altered to fit your measurements and achieve a better look than off-the-rack designer clothing. And for special occasions, a bespoke suit will be worth every penny. Fit is the most important factor in how clothes look on your body, and it’s the one area where you’ll be best rewarded for further investment.

Go for versatility and long-term

Appearances always matter, but they may not be every man’s top priority – and a lot of men’s spending patterns reflect that. The good news is that you don’t have to shake up your priorities or break your budget to make sensible changes and style improvements. Avoid edgy, ripped clothing with large prints or multiple zippers, which only fit a narrow demographic; look for versatile, classic pieces that go well with almost anything, can be worn on many different occasions, and will never go out of fashion. Plain white T-shirts, denim jeans, and boots are all items you can lift from James Dean’s wardrobe – but despite being several decades old, they remain staples of men’s fashion and will never leave you with a dated look.

Caring for one’s looks is an essential skill for any man. These simple steps will go a long way towards fixing basic issues and helping you develop a greatly improved personal style.

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