Guide to Succeeding in a Sustainable Building Construction Project

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Since sustainability and other environmentally-friendly measures are now the new norms in various industries, adopting them for a commercial building project will yield many benefits for your company and your career. Not to mention you’d also be making a great contribution to saving the planet.

But what are the important steps you need to take for your building to be truly considered sustainable or eco-friendly? You’ve probably already heard of green buildings, a building that possesses many environmentally-friendly features such as a renewable energy source, good indoor air quality, and non-toxic, ethically sourced, and sustainable building materials, to name a few. Considering those, will a green building project be your ticket to being a renowned company and figure in the environmental industry?

Pointers for a Sustainable Commercial Building Project

To ensure that your sustainable commercial building project meets the industry standards, have your building commissioned. Building commissioning (Cx) is a professional service that ensures a building’s quality and energy efficiency through reviewing its design. It also warrants that the project is delivered according to your requirements and that the building fulfils the mission of the project. (e.g. sustainability)

The most commonly commissioned systems are as follows:

  • HVAC systems and controls
  • electrical and lighting system
  • gas systems
  • domestic hot water systems
  • renewable energy sources
  • facade systems

Reliable building commissioning services are found in many places around the world. This service isn’t only beneficial for environmental-related purposes, but for cost reduction measures as well. Your project’s operating and maintenance costs are guaranteed to reduce as you cut down on waste. Cx will ensure that you’ll earn the best returns possible from the capital you invested.

Furthermore, your energy costs will certainly drop from using a renewable energy source. It will have an impact on employee productivity as well, because energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems help provide a comfortable working environment, motivating employees to get more work done, even with little resources.

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Apply for a LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building rating system that provides a framework for healthy, cost-saving, and efficient green buildings. However, LEED certification is available for all types of buildings and all building phases.

Like building commissioning, the LEED certification program also assesses your building’s design and construction, verifying if its energy-efficient, water-efficient, have healthy air quality, and uses sustainable building materials. Note, however, that LEED isn’t an alternative for Cx, nor Cx is an alternative for LEED. Cx is actually a prerequisite for certain LEED projects.

Having a LEED-certified project boosts your company’s image and your reputation as the project manager, contractor, or owner. Other advantages include faster lease-up rates and the chance to qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances, and other incentives.

There are four main steps to being LEED-certified. First, register your project by filling in key forms and making a payment. Second, submit your completed application and pay for the certification review free. Third, the Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) will review your application. Fourth and lastly, you will earn the LEED certification if your application has been approved.

Strive to be LEED accredited

If the LEED certification is for a building, a LEED accreditation is for people. With this, you will be regarded as a true eco-friendly architect or contractor.

To be given the accreditation, you need to pass an exam, which will grant you permission to use the title “LEED® Green Associate™” or its logo.

Nailing a sustainable building project is a painstaking process, but the benefits you’ll reap will just be as big as your efforts. With more successful eco-friendly projects under your belt, your company and career will keep reaching greater heights.

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