Building Up Construction Deadlines You Can Meet: A Guide

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Deadlines and timelines are common discussions in commercial construction projects. Typically, your contractor prepares this on your behalf or refines it during the early stages of the building process.

Apart from keeping your schedules on track, timelines can help you plan dates for the pre-leasing of units, fix your budget, and more. But since your timeline hosts plenty of events, sticking to your construction schedule proves to be challenging. Unprecedented events can also cause schedule conflicts and delays in projects that can last weeks or months.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to stick to your construction schedule.

Work with a Dependable Contractor

Often, people requiring the services of a local commercial construction contractor look at the skills and experience of a potential contractor. Another thing to consider when choosing a contractor is their timeliness: what is their turnaround time, and how fast can they complete a project?

Skilled contractors can coordinate construction services, juggle the schedules of different sub-contractors, and keep your project on time. As you review a potential contractor’s qualifications, consider their reputation for timeliness. Read online reviews or seek recommendations from friends or peers.

Finalize Your Plans Concerning Materials

Constant changes with the list of materials can prolong your project’s timeline. For example, if you change your mind about the type of flooring you wish to install, you might have to overhaul the entire project’s blueprint, which is time-consuming.

In some cases, the arrival of new materials can also delay the project by several weeks since the contractor might want to check these new materials before using them.

So, before you start construction, do your research on your building materials. Have a sure list of the materials you need to avoid delays in the future.

Review the Project Periodically with Your Contractor

Regularly review your team’s project with your contractor. For example, before you install your drywall, do a walkthrough with your contractor to secure the positioning of your power outlets, HVAC vents, and water faucets. Talk to your contractor about your project reviews, so you can schedule them accordingly without delaying the construction.

Maintain Open Communications with Your Contractor

Delays are bound to happen, and when they do, your contractor needs to contact you immediately. Make sure they can by letting yourself be more reachable. Always respond to texts and calls as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that your decision can also consume time from the construction process.

The Bottom Line

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While much of your timeline and schedules lie with your contractor, a part of it lies with you. Constantly changing your mind about the scope of the project requires several adjustments, which will affect the building deadline. In some cases, you might need to re-draw your blueprint. The worst cases see completed projects being adjusted or torn down.

Avoid backtracks on the project by being firm with your decisions. Consult with your contractors before you proceed with the building process. Doing so will save you more time and ensure your commercial building will be finished on time.

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