The Importance of Cast-Iron Platen Tables in Any Welding Process

Cast Iron PlatenThe premium work surfaces for welding have continued to be unfailing and convenient because its technology has improved immensely over the past 70 years. Even before World War II, humanity has utilised cast-iron platen tables for different kinds of welding fabrication services. They use these for restraining, straightening, bending and designing a piece of work during welding. Below are reasons why welders prefer this particular table. 

The Durability of Cast-Iron Platen Tables

Cast-iron platens are more sturdy compared to steel tables for cast iron is tougher than steel. They can easily withstand the hefty beating of a sledgehammer, which is also why it can tolerate a heavy weldment that accidentally falls on it. The enormous scope of the platens enables them to endure red-hot welding temperatures and would still remain flat. This is in contrast to steel tables that will buckle or warp under the pressure of the heat.

The Versatility of Cast-Iron Platen Tables

Welders can easily lay out platens in multiple units, in beds or single units. They can leave the walkways among the platens that will enable them to produce welds on long workpieces. Moreover, they can mount these platens vertically on a horizontal platen to form a huge L-shaped fixture or a 90-degree squaring wall. To make their work easier, they can adjust these tables to their preferred working height. It also reduces the smoke making it easier for welders breathe in their workplace.

The Ease of Use of Cast-Iron Platen Tables

Cast-iron platen tables are uncomplicated in nature. The majority of welders will not go through a learning curve because they can easily learn how to use it just by observing someone use it. The angle blocks and tooling are easy to attach and set up on the table. The welders can swiftly affix mini platen components, such as tombstones, towers and cubes on the holes on the table. The said components can effortlessly adjust to different applications like supporting tall workpieces.

Cast-iron platen tables have been in use for nearly a century, but most metal fabricators are not aware of the efficacy of these long-lasting work surfaces. The cast-iron platen tables have demonstrated to be flexible enough to sustain virtually any kind of work that goes into a welding shop. 

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