What They Don’t Tell You About Botox

Botox in MurrayThere are many ways to battle the signs of aging. You can eat a healthy diet. You can also practice better habits, such as sleeping well and not smoking. But if you want fast results, you can go to a medical spa that offers treatments for wrinkles, jaw lines, and droopy eyelids. And one of the more popular treatments is Botox.

Botox treats wrinkles and fine lines. Since its approval for cosmetic treatment in 2002, more than 11 million people have benefitted from it. But Botox isn’t just for anti-aging treatment.

Botox can treat excessive sweating.

In 2004, the FDA approved the cosmetic treatment for excessive sweating. An injection into your skin disrupts signals between nerve endings and sweat glands. This prevents the over production of sweat. You get several injections to the affected area. And every treatment lasts about six months.

Botox can ease migraines.

It can treat migraines. An injection can ease the pain and other symptoms of the disabling headache for up to three months. The FDA approved the treatment in 2010. Patients receive several injections to the head and neck, at an interval of about 12 weeks.

Botox can treat lazy eye and eye twitching.

Botox treats lazy eye and eye twitching. In treating lazy eye, an injection can resolve the imbalance in the muscles that position the eye. In treating eye twitching, an injection can ease contraction of muscles around the eye.

Botox can treat muscle contractions.

The cosmetic treatment can ease neck spasms, which is a painful condition, and relieve symptoms of neurological disorders. An injection of Botox can help patients with cerebral palsy relax contracted muscles.

Botox can give you a younger, fresher appearance. But its use goes beyond cosmetic treatments. Whether it’s migraines or muscle contractions, this anti-aging injectable offers many benefits.

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