The Best Christmas Gift for Kids: A Seamless Parenting Plan

The Best Christmas Gift for KidsThe Christmas season has officially begun. The holidays are the perfect time to participate in happiness and excitement — or sadness and anxiety — depending on what’s happening in your family.

For children of divorced and separated parents, Christmas is a time of mixed emotions. After all, they now have two homes to go to for the holidays. Naturally, there will be questions — the most popular of which is, “Where do we go this Christmas?”

A seamless parenting plan this holiday is the secret to a peaceful Christmas. If you are not comfortable or confident with your current plan, you still have to make it work. Here’s why:

The Courts are Busy

If you have tried to get anything done on the court, you’ll understand the frustrating process. According to, a family law firm, getting an attorney to draft a motion takes time. After the motions, you’ll have to worry about the scheduling and responses, as well as the hearing date. If you keep on waiting, the holidays will be over before you know it.

Try to get the parenting plan settled as early as possible. “Emergency” motions are no guarantee. To ensure a smooth holiday, resolve all parenting issues as soon as possible.

Earn More Leverage by Starting Now

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day all fall under one nine-week period, which makes negotiation a challenge. But it also provides the luxury of multiple holidays with the kids. It’s easier to ask the ex-spouse to give you more time for the holidays during Thanksgiving. Waiting until the holidays makes negotiating with your ex-spouse even harder.

Set Schedules in Advance

The kids don’t enjoy bouncing from one house to another; not knowing which house they’ll be spending the holidays will increase their anxiety. But the sooner you tell kids about their schedules for the holidays, the more at ease their minds will be.

The holidays are stressful for everyone. Make Christmas happier for your children by setting a seamless parenting schedule before the festivities begin.

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