Recruitment Agencies: Filling Positions, Recommending Candidates

Jobseeker in AucklandAre you looking for job vacancies in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand? Are you an employer looking to fill a position? Whichever you are, you can bring your search to an end by working with a recruitment agency.

Differences and Benefits

Before anything else, you may have read or heard the term ‘recruitment agency’. You may have had the same experience as well with the term ’employment agency’. These two terms are often interchanged, although they are different from each other. A recruitment agency works on the side of employers and helps companies fill vacancies. An employment agency, on the other hand, works with job seekers and helps them in their job search.

In spite of the difference, you may find a recruitment agency that doubles as an employment agency. What is more important is that you benefit from such agencies. Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, there are many benefits to enjoy.

Checks and Access

Other benefits include automatic background checks that employers can enjoy. Agencies will do their own checks on candidates, so you can do other things. For job seekers, agencies can link you to companies that you may not have access to in the past. There are companies that exclusively hire agencies, so searching for job vacancies in Auckland and the rest of NZ becomes easier.


For employers, you will be able to avoid the hassle of advertising for job openings in your company. Agencies can send the word out and manage the subsequent responses of resumes. You can even request the agency to keep your company’s name in secret, revealing it only in the final stages of recruitment.


On the side of job seekers, you can easily apply for several positions in different companies — with a single application and interview. The application and interview will be done by the agency itself. It will be then the agency’s responsibility to recommend you for jobs you will be most suited for.

Regardless if you are an employer or a jobseeker, benefits await you in recruitment agencies. Don’t hesitate to seek for their help.

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