4 Things to Remember When Moving Offices

Office Space in Christchurch CentralMoving can be a pain, especially in a busy office. But moving to a new office space is also an exciting time. Here are some ways on how you can prepare for the big move and not end up losing any of your office equipment and materials:

Double-check all your drawers

If you’ve stayed in the same office for a long time, then chances are you’ve accumulated so many items in your drawer — files, office supplies and items of sentimental value. This is why moving can be such a chore. Empty all your drawers and label everything. Do a double sweep to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Prepare in advance and bring in the pros

This means unbolting furniture early. Make sure you are doing it properly to avoid damaging office equipment. Bishop Interiors recommend hiring professional movers to transport your commercial furniture and equipment anywhere in NZ. While you can always carry some of the smaller items from your old desk, leave the bigger ones to the pros.

Don’t pack garbage

Moving to a new office gives you the chance to go through old files that are taking up space. Throw away as much garbage as you can. A new place should mean more space. When getting rid of old files, make sure you observe best practices and company policies.

Make a checklist of all items you need to move

This is especially important if you are coordinating with various teams. Create a checklist to ensure that you’ve addressed everything and that the items are on their way to the new location. Make sure you have all the necessary contact information of all the people involved in the move — colleagues, team leaders, movers and supervisors.

Depending on your requirements, these are just four of the important things you need to remember when moving offices. When you’re moving to a new space, it can be chaotic and a checklist can really help you manage the tasks that need to be done.

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