When It’s Over: Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer

Choose the Right Divorce LawyerAround half the marriages in American end in divorce. If your marriage has reached a point where this may be inevitable, you’ll need a good lawyer to get you through.

Do What You Can

Before any papers are served, you and your spouse need to talk things over, says Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick. Do what you can on your level to see if a divorce is really necessary. Some couples just need a little outside help to get things sorted out. Marriage counseling, be it with a professional or just with friends, can do wonders.

If it’s Really Over

Ask family and friends for referrals, especially if they or someone they know has been recently divorced. Searching online can give you some clues on who to hire but you’ll need to dig deeper. Don’t go for the first lawyer you find just because they have a great website. Make a list and consult with at least three different lawyers before deciding who will represent you.

A Focused Career

In general, lawyers can handle any type of case presented to them. But, as with any professional, lawyers tend to focus on certain types of cases. It’s best to hire a lawyer that specializes in divorce. Divorce lawyers are more familiar with the nuances of divorce and family law per state. Filing a divorce in Long Island, for example, will typically mean considerations for the case will be based on local laws.

A Comfortable Relationship

Your first consultation will serve as a job interview for the lawyer. Do you feel comfortable telling your lawyer your issues no matter how emotional they make you? Do you feel that your lawyer was really listening? Were you given a clear strategy on what you need to do next? These are the things you should consider after the consultation. If you are satisfied with the response you received, that’s a step in the right direction.

A Clear Understanding

Make sure you understand how your attorney intends to bill you. Ask up front if they’re billing you by the hour, per court appearance, or a flat fee. Assumptions can ruin an otherwise perfect match so if you don’t know, ask.

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