The Artistic Spouse: Care for them, Not Strangle them


OrganizeYour artistic spouse stretches your patience thin every day. Nobody told you that living with an artist means tolerating erratic behaviour. Instead of attempting to tame them, you’ll find that discovering ways to nurture their artistry helps you enjoy the love and respect only artists know how to express. shares more information below:

Their Sacred Things

Never touch their tools without their permission. They treat paint brushes, pens, books, musical instruments, and whatever they use to create their art as objects too special for others to handle. Call it OCD, mojo, or simply irrational behaviour; regardless of their reasons (if they have a logical one) showing your respect to this quirk means a lot to them.

If cleaning the house or moving to another part of the country makes it inevitable to touch their things, ask them how you should do it. Suggest hiring piano movers to ensure proper handling of their instrument. Buy a separate suitcase for their art materials. Gestures like these give them the assurance that somebody can understand and respect their oddities.

Their Childish Thoughts

Creative people keep themselves open to endless possibilities. Doing so sometimes entails thinking and acting like a child. In return for their willingness to remain honest and curious, they provide sufficient nourishment to their creative juices. Learn to enjoy their childlike actions. Their tendencies to mimic a child do not indicate their level of maturity – it indicates their willingness to explore their creativity. Adopting this attitude not only cultivates your relationship with them, it also benefits your performance at work and in other areas of your life.

Their Irresponsible Deeds

Once inspiration strikes artists, they can survive for days feeding only on their ideas. This is where you step in to make sure they eat and sleep right. Scolding them for neglecting their health rarely works. They don’t do this on purpose, after all. Skipping meals and several hours of sleep enables them to fully engage in their craft. As a loving spouse, helping their physical cope with their mental prowess serves as one of the most basic but significant ways you can care for them.

Creative people live fun but difficult lives. Putting in the effort to understand instead of criticize them results in a uniquely appealing relationship.

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