Take a Trip to the Past in Franklin County, MO


Franklin County in Missouri is located in the Ozarks region consisting of hills, deep valleys, caves, springs and sinkholes. It is home to the longest river in North America, the Missouri River, which forms the northern border of the county. Franklin is also admired for its rich ecosystem and other wonderful rivers, such as the Bourbeuse and Meramec.

Besides enjoying nature and the environment when visiting Franklin County, it is also good to explore the numerous museums and historic landmarks in the area. People who visit Franklin go here to see wonderful architecture, paired with perfectly curated landscape designs. The immaculately manicured lawns and grounds are maintained throughout the year by professional teams offering commercial landscaping services in Franklin County. These locations can be called picturesque, or in modern terms, “Instagram-worthy.”

Here are some landmarks and museums in Franklin County for your next trip.

Veterans Hall of Honor

The Veterans Hall of Honor, which is located near the county’s courthouse, was built to honor the veterans of Franklin County who participated in the historic U.S. wars. People who visit the museum can see various history books, visit the past and see old pictures of veterans in uniforms, unit crests and military insignias.

While in Missouri, it is also good to visit the Harney Mansion, which is located in Sullivan. This place was once the home of General William S. Harvey, a Civil War general. The mansion was built during the 1850s.

St. Clair Museum

Franklin County is known for its old and lasting buildings. Visit St. Clair Museum in the Odd Fellows building, which was built in 1899. Devotees of St. Clair visit this place to see relics and many exhibits that display and celebrate the history of St. Clair.

Other exhibits in the area include antique toy displays, a kitchen from 1929, Victorian undergarments, local Native American artifact and many more. It is an interesting slice of life from a time gone by.

Washington Museum

Washington Museum

The Washington Historical Society and Museum is located in the Presbyterian Church building. This place is one of the most historic places in Washington, Missouri. The museum houses artifact from J.B. Busch Brewery and the Joseph Bayer Pottery, memorabilia from the Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe company, the Franz Schwarzer Zither Exhibit, and a large collection of 19th and 20th-century photographs. The museum also displays old and historic records of the whole Franklin County.

People who go to Washington Museum also visit the Missouri Meerschaum Museum located at the Corn Cob Pipe Factory. The Corn Cob factory has been producing corn cob and thriving since 1869. People can see how this much-loved food was made during the 1900s.

Tourists visiting Franklin County and other nearby areas in Missouri are treated to beautiful parks, gardens, historical buildings as well as museums. This a relaxing way to spend time with the whole family while enhancing everyone’s learning on history and culture. These places are the best way to introduce yourselves to historical events, people and places.

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