Emigrating to the UK? Find an immigration solicitor to aid with the visa process

Visa application

Moving abroad to start your next chapter can be the most exciting time in your life, but to the same end, stressful, uncertain, frustrating and time-intensive in the period that it takes to apply for a visa, only to have your application rejected for a number of reasons. In particular, emigrating to the UK has its own set of hurdles and obstacles to overcome, mainly because their immigration laws, procedures and criterion for visa approval are continually changing, and not meeting them is grounds for being denied entry into the country. Making small mistakes on your application form or not filling in the correct information could cost you your visa. Whether you’re embarking on a career that could make you lots of money, want to study abroad at a prestigious UK school, or reuniting with a loved one, you have a personal investment by emigrating, and it can be disheartening not to be granted a visa on your first, second or even third attempt despite your best efforts.

Having an immigration solicitor to guide you through the process, with regards to which visa is most appropriate for your circumstance while providing you with the right forms to fill out, not to mention how to fill them out correctly, as well as advising you on what supplementary documentation is needed, is likely to relieve stress and potentially fast-forward the process to an outcome that is favourable for you.

You’ve decided you’re moving to the UK, but don’t book your plane tickets yet

UK Immigration Laws are known for being restrictive and rigid, leaving no room for mistakes and uncertainty.

Since 2010, laws have passed making it increasingly challenging, but not impossible, for immigration to occur seamlessly, especially for workers living outside of Europe. One of the hypotheses being that UK government are hesitant to hire workers outside of the UK that could potentially be performed by someone British unless such a talent or skill set is so niche and sought-after that it cannot be found within the country.

The Tier Visa System

Tier-One Visa is reserved for those considered “high-valued migrants” with “exceptional talents”, like investors, that will serve to enhance and improve Great Britain’s economy.

Highly-skilled workers outside of the EEA must apply for a Tier-Two Visa. There needs to be airtight proof that there is a shortage of skills in the UK that only the prospective employee can provide.

To further one’s studies at Oxford is the end-goal of many academics, while for others, a means to an end in the pursuit of a high-paying job and fruitful career. Proof of acceptance into the establishment must be produced before a student visa application is processed

A spouse, fiancé, civil partner or unmarried partner visa grants people the right to join their loved ones abroad. Specific terms and condition apply, including the salary of the working spouse, a fixed address, and the proof of relationship among other factors.

Your application has been denied, what next?

In the case of being denied entry into the UK, one is advised to appeal this decision in the form of an administrative review of the decision or a reconsideration appeal. At this point, or even before, it’s recommended that you consult with an immigration solicitor in London, to assess possible reasons for denial, which is more than likely small errors on your application or not meeting the ever-changing criterion.

Make the journey easier with an experienced immigration solicitor

Woman with her passport and visa

Visa approval is not a quick or easy task, a fact that any lawyer versed in immigration law will confirm. To obtain that clearance, applicants must have unwavering perseverance and resist the urge to give up on the first try. Working and living in the UK is a viable reality with the right legal team after your best interests, encouraging all possible options and advising the best course of action for your circumstance.

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