Spotless Peepers: Three Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Blinds CleaningWhen it comes to covering and decorating home windows, you often choose between two things: curtains or blinds. While elegant curtains add a regal flair to a home, blinds keep any living space sleek and structured.

Nowadays, the competition isn’t as stiff. Homeowners prefer the convenience of blinds over curtains because of how much of a chore frequently washing curtains can be. Even Yes Blinds knows the aesthetic impact a set of blinds can bring into a house, both inside and outside. What people might forget, however, is that blinds can get pretty dirty, too.

1. Dusting

The simplest way to clean blinds is to use a feather duster. For frequent cleaning, this is the best way to keep them spotless without scrubbing every inch of the blinds.

Twist the tilt rods until the blinds close, and start swaying the feather duster against the shades. Make sure to pass by the smallest spaces, like up to the bottom rail and the tape clip.

2. The Tongs Method

A fun way to get the blinds-cleaning job done is through the use of cooking tongs. It is a very unlikely tool to use outside the kitchen, but the internet has proven to the world that no matter how difficult the task is, someone will always find a way to make it easier.

Wrap a microfibre dust cloth on each end of the tongs and secure them with rubber bands. Mist the cloth and run the tongs over each panel while the blinds are open. Keep spare towels nearby so you can change the existing ones after they’ve collected dust.

3. Heavy Duty Cleaning

Before the holidays, homeowners usually do a general cleaning in time for their visitors. For those days, it’s time to bring out your vacuum cleaner.

Start at the top of the blinds and work your way downwards. Use a brush attachment to nudge the dust off the blinds.

Thinking about making the big switch to blinds but don’t know how to maintain them? Just follow these tried and tested ways to keep your squeaky blinds clean.

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