Speaking with Confidence and a Successful Speech

SpeechWhether it’s for your best friend’s wedding or it’s in front of a big audience, giving a speech can be a bit nerve-wracking. Don’t sweat it too much! A good speech is not about how much data you present or the fancy PowerPoint you made. Successful business motivational speakers have this advice: keep your message clear and simple. 

According to montgomerypresents.com, you can also apply this tip every time you have to do some sort of public speaking.


Not all great speakers were born that way. For most, giving a great speech takes time, effort, and practice. Practice speaking in the shower and not in front of the mirror, as the latter can actually be distracting. If you can, try practicing your speech in front of a couple of friends so they can give you feedback on how you sound. Also, if you have the time, visit the venue where you will give your speech beforehand. Go to the back of the room and gauge how people from back there will be able to hear you. Practice projecting your voice to ensure that your words will come out loud and clear.

Don’t Read!

Have you ever seen and heard someone reading their entire speech? It sounded dull and uninteresting, right? That’s because you, as an audience, didn’t feel any connection with the speaker. As a speaker, your main objective is to get your message across — emphasize on your. When one reads, it doesn’t feel as if the speaker is talking personally to you. Don’t think of your speech as something that you need to memorize word by word. Think about the message and how you can effectively deliver it. Use note cards instead to guide you in delivering your speech.

Relax and Look Confident

Try to relax before giving your speech. Take a couple of deep breaths to take away the nerves and tension. It’s normal to feel a few butterflies in your stomach! Channel your nerves into positive energy and imagine yourself giving a successful speech. Stand up straight and smile with confidence. Looking smart and composed will help you feel confident that you will do a good job, too.

Now you can be your very own orator by doing these simple tips.

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