Bidding Your Twenties Goodbye: The Best Ways to Celebrate your 30th

Celebrate your 30th

Celebrate your 30thSome people experience full-blown panic attacks before their 30th birthday. After all, turning 30 is another milestone, which may come with a sense of dread and disappointment. As you bid your twenties goodbye, you fear for the future and grieve for your youth.

But life is too short to fall for such drama. Rather than mope around, pay your age no mind and enjoy this new chapter in your life. There are numerous reasons to look forward to your 30th — one of them is how you are going to celebrate.

A Road Trip to Nowhere or Anywhere

Prove that 30 is just a number by going on an exciting road trip with friends. After all, one of the best ways to open up your thirties is by saying ‘Yes’ to new possibilities, such as getting lost in new places. Take a trip to somewhere you never thought you would want to go.

A road trip not only strengthens your bond with friends, it also offers you a chance to see beautiful sceneries. Unwind in the presence of local culture and make sure to bring your camera to capture those moments.

Yes to Themed Birthday Parties

A birthday party is one of the best ways to greet your thirties, especially a themed party. Awaken the inner nerd by throwing a party based on your favourite book or series.

Your party should not lack the necessities. Laruche, a Fortitude Valley party venue, lists location, food and entertainment as the basic essentials for parties. Apart from these, remember to buy favours and decorations that suit your theme.

To make preparations more fun, ask for the help of your friends. Together, you can browse the Internet for themed party ideas and games to make your 30th birthday one for the books.

Say Hello to a New You

Your 30th birthday opens new opportunities for growth and adventures. Welcome these new beginnings by saying hello to a new you.

Book an appointment with your nearest hairdresser and get a haircut that defines a new image. Get a style that breathes life. Build a new wardrobe.

You need not dread your 30th; in fact, you should anticipate it. Say hello to this new chapter in your life by going out of your way with a celebration unlike any other.

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