What can orthodontic treatment do for you?

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Orthodontics refers to any treatment that moves the structure of your teeth and jaw. Orthodontics Navan is able to help patients find a better quality of life by moving their teeth. The reason for the better quality can vary very much from case to case, but having orthodontic treatment is sure to make the change in life you have been looking for.

The benefits of teeth straightening

Happier smile

Straighter teeth are well known to give patients a better body image and a better feeling about themselves overall. Through mainstream media, we often set a benchmark for the ideal set of pearly whites, and it can leave us feeling a little down if we do not think our gnashers match up to those of other people. Feeling down about your appearance is really serious, and if you feel that your teeth are the root of the problem, talk with your dentist about what dental alignment options are available to you.

Better jaw alignment

Having the correct jaw alignment can cause a series of positive knock-on effects. If you are someone who suffers from headaches or teeth grinding, it could be because your jaw is not correctly aligned. If your jaw is misaligned, this can cause you to bite down and form tension throughout your jaw and up into the head, which then causes migraines.

Better cleaning

This might sound odd, but having straighter teeth really does enable you to clean them better. When your teeth are correctly aligned and sit flush next to one another, it can allow you to brush a lot more efficiently and improve your oral hygiene standards. If your teeth are crowded or overlapping, it can be really difficult to get between each tooth with dental floss to get right down to the gum line and remove bacteria. Being able to clean your teeth well is really important to overall oral health as it is the best way to prevent decay and plaque, which are both causes of gum disease and tooth loss. And in dentistry, prevention is always recommended over care when it comes to taking care of teeth.


The brain-gut connection has been researched and explored quite a lot in recent years, with more and more understanding being accumulated about the impact our gut has on overall health and, especially mental health. If your teeth are not correctly aligned, then it could mean you are not digesting your food properly, which can also cause a whole host of other issues. If your teeth do not correctly bite and chew food, then it can cause your saliva to not be made properly, preventing it from breaking down food correctly before it reaches the gut.

How to straighten teeth

invisalign and woman

There are now lots of amazing types of orthodontic treatments on the market, all of which are easily accessible to all patients, and these treatments can help with a variety of orthodontic issues. Get in contact with your dentist to find the right straightening solution for you.

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