Tooth loss, dental implants Ipswich, a game changer

dental implant

Once your baby teeth have been replaced with your adult teeth, it’s up to you to maintain your teeth and gums, so that you retain your teeth for your lifetime. For centuries the dental profession has been searching for a permanent solution to this problem. In nineteen fifty two dental implantology was discovered and it took until nineteen sixty five for the first dental implant to be inserted into a living human being’s jawbone. Since then, dental science and technology have taken that knowledge and today dental implants in Ipswich, are the treatment of choice to replace lost teeth.

Natural and permanent

Over the past decades bridges and dentures were the acceptable norm to provide an aid to be able to chew for those people who had lost a tooth or teeth. Various methods of keeping dentures in place have been developed but they are still not a permanent replacement. The advent of dental implants and the various technological developments that developed alongside them have given dentists the opportunity to replace lost teeth with a credible alternative. The regular training, as new procedures and techniques develop have allowed dentists to keep up with developments in the field of implantology.

No substitute for prevention

Of course the best way to avoid losing teeth through gum disease or tooth decay is to adopt a proper regular dental maintenance program. There is no substitute for dental maintenance but occasionally you may have an accident, dislodging a tooth. If the correct procedure is followed and you are able to get to your dentist quickly that tooth may be saved. Now however there is a permanent alternative which works just as well as your normal teeth.

Correct advice is the key

If you have lost a tooth from whatever cause the first thing to do is to consult a dentist and get their advice on what the best option is for you. No two people are the same and that is why it is important to seek professional advice. After a thorough examination your options will be given to you and you must be the one to decide which option you are most comfortable taking.

Bone grafts

The state of your jawbone dictates if a dental implant is right for your particular condition. Bone augmentation has seen amazing development over the decades, especially in the area of jaw bones for dental implants. If your jaw bone needs to be strengthened there is now a method of doing this to make it viable to have a dental implant.

One tooth or many teeth

dental implant

Dental implants for one tooth can be done and one implant can support up to four new teeth in a row. In addition it is possible to replace a full set of teeth with just four dental implants. This new procedure has certainly opened up a whole new world where you will no longer have to cover your mouth with your hand when you want to smile, though embarrassment. You will be able to smile and laugh because your mouth will reveal a mouthful of teeth to be proud of having.

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