Hardwood Floor Restoration: What to Consider

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There are many ways to make your hardwood flooring look as good as new in some simple and economical ways. However, there are hardwood floors that you can no longer fix, and restoration is your best and only option.

If your hardwood floors are already dry, wide gaps are visible, or scratches are so deep, then you would need a restoration specialist you can easily find in Provo, Utah, such as Pioneer Hardwood Flooring INC. Here are some important pointers that you need to know.

Get a quotation from multiple companies

The process will be a bit long and intensive so you need to find a professional who can do the job well. To get the best deal, you can get a quotation from at least three companies that you are targeting. It is very important that you check and research on the internet to know the companies well enough.

Read the reviews to know more information about their previous works. Getting a recommendation from family and friends would be a great help.

Choose the wood type and stain

There are various types of wood flooring that you can choose from like the Appalachian white or red oak, Canadian hard maple, Northern White Ash among other if you want to go light. If you want to use a darker wood type, you can try Antique Kentucky chestnut oak, Oklahoma heart pecan, Cumaru and a lot more.

Part of the restoration process is deciding for you new stain color. You can check available choices from your supplier.

Decide for the finishing

If you have small kids in the family, you should consider choosing whether you will go with the glossy or satin floors. To date, satin floor finishes are getting popular these days, mostly used by families with children. A glossy finish is more slippery compared to satin finish floors.

You are now prepared to have your hardwood flooring restored by considering the pointers you have learned today.

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