Bringing the Outdoors In — Warming Up Your Home with Hardwood

Hardwood FlooringOne of the things that increase the value of a home is for you to use good quality materials. Among the most desirable materials around is wood.

Why Hardwood?

Hardwood floors age very well and make the interiors look more warm and inviting. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, too; just a quick sweep or vacuum plus a monthly polishing should keep them looking good as new for decades. For families that are prone to allergies, this type of flooring is excellent because it does not hold, trap, or attract allergens or molds.

But Why Not?

Of course, there are some cautions. For high traffic areas and families with pets, hardwood floors can be damaged over time from pet nails and footwear. Water should be immediately mopped up and dried properly. Although you may mop hardwood floors with wet cloths, pools of water cannot be left untouched, as it will eventually damage the wood even when it is sealed with polyurethane. You will also need to make sure that the wood is treated with termite-preventing chemicals, especially if you live in termite-prone places.

Choosing the Material

A hardwood floor installation is easy to manage once you’ve decided which wood you want. Orange County is among those areas with a wide variety of hardwoods, among them white oak, blackgum, and hickory. It will usually be cheaper to purchase hardwood that is native to your area. In general, though, California is home to plenty of hardwood varieties. Your choice will then be narrowed down based on style. Wood can be either stained or painted to achieve the color you need. If you like the way it naturally looks, however, consider sealing the wood to further protect it and extend its lifetime.

Not So Dated

Wood is generally connected with the idea of old world charm. This should not, however, stop you from using it even with modern design aesthetics. Experiment with the style your hardwood floor is cut. Strip, parquet, and plank flooring each give a specific feel. If you can’t decide for yourself, consult with a professional to get the precise look you desire.


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