Different Ways to Enjoy English Toffee

English Toffee

English ToffeeEnglish toffees came from way back the 1800’s in Northern Europe, practically one of the very first types of desserts. Because cheap labor and butter were abundant in their area, toffee has also been frequently made since then.

Eventually, it has made its way all throughout the UK and the US. Amongst a huge variety of flavorful versions of English toffee, CO and the UK make the best so far.

The US version of toffee, which is hard and brittle, is different from the authentic English toffee, which is chewy and soft. And while you haven’t yet tried the English toffee from the best manufacturers, try to make your own English toffee from these different easy, but tasty versions.

Buttery Goodness

To achieve utter goodness from your toffee, be sure to put the right type and amount of butter and sugar needed. Don’t put too much sugar nor burn it, because it will overpower the taste of butter. Remember that butter is what toffee’s originally made of.

Nutty Candy

Most people say that toffee is better with nuts because it complements the butter so well and has its own unique sweetness. There’s a lot of nuts to choose from: cashews, chestnuts, macadamia, pistachios, peanuts, and almonds. You take your pick.

Dark Chocolatey

Everybody loves chocolates, but if there’s a kind of chocolate to indulge on, it must be the dark one. Dark chocolate toffees are probably the healthiest among all the kinds of toffee, because of the health effects dark chocolates offers.

Fruit and Nuts

When you have tried the nutty toffee and want to give it a twist, mix in some dried fruits like raisins, berries, pineapples, mangoes, oranges, dates, etc. Fruits give a tangy kick to your beloved toffee.

Crunchy Toffee

Snacks are always best when it gives you that perfect crunch. After all, crunchy toffee is best in America, so, it’s definitely tastes best on the mouth, too.

Aside from these versions, you can play with toffee as far as making it as a cookie, cake flavor or topping, toffee frappe, or toffee bread. If you love toffee, you’ll love it however it is made.

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