The Benefits of Dentures to General Health


Dentures Having all your teeth is a matter of pride for many people in Richmond because it is quite rare. Most people will lose at least one tooth to cavities, gum disease or perhaps in an accident. This can be a problem because any gap in your gums will make the remaining teeth move or lean, giving you an uneven smile. It can also lead to trapped food particles that could affect your other teeth.

Dentures or false teeth are the solution to most problems having to do with missing teeth.

You feel better

Missing teeth or no teeth at all can make you feel self-conscious about smiling, or even just talking, especially if you are still young. A little gap between the teeth may look attractive to some people, but in general you want your smile to show a full set of teeth. Partial or full dentures can fill in the gaps left by missing teeth to give you back a winning smile and your confidence.

You look younger

Your teeth affect the shape of your face. If you have no teeth, or many teeth are missing, your cheeks and mouth will lose definition. They will sag towards your mouth because there is nothing to support them against the force of gravity, making you look much older than you really are. Dentures can provide the structure to keep the soft tissues in your face in place. It will make you look much younger.

You can eat better

When you lose some teeth, you can make do with what you have left but it does make it harder to chew effectively. When you have no teeth at all, you can only have a soft diet. You can enjoy your meals better with dentures.

Dentures do not take much to keep them in good condition.  All you need to do is to clean them as you would your regular teeth. You do need to take them out for a few hours to give your gums a rest, but you can do that while sleeping. The best part is you cannot get cavities in your dentures, so that means fewer trips to your dentist.

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