Missing Tooth: A Small Part to a Bigger System

Oral Care

Oral Care in EdinburghTooth loss can lead to bigger dental problems. It may not seem like a huge problem at first, but it may trigger several complications later on. Every tooth in your gums serves a purpose for the whole mouth to work. Without a single tooth, it can still work but the whole system has to exert more effort.

Here are some reasons you should never keep a gap between your teeth:

Gum and Jaw Destruction

The teeth hold the whole mouth together. These connect to the jaw, so taking them out may lead to the weakening of this part. A gap between the teeth weakens all adjacent teeth, which leads to a series of tooth loss. A weakened jaw may even cause pain while eating.

As Edinburgh Dental Specialists explains, ‘Whenever a tooth is lost or extracted a considerable amount of the bone that once surrounded the remaining root may disappear.’ It may also receive irreparable damage from blunt trauma, as bones require stimulation to keep its form. Without your teeth to support the jaw, it will continually lose its density.

Aesthetics and Convenience

A missing tooth can be embarrassing, especially when it comes from the front set. This does not mean it is okay to lose your molars, though. These teeth on the sides are responsible for grinding the food you eat. You may find it hard to eat when you have fewer teeth to work with. Missing a molar may also affect the look of your cheeks. Without any support inside, it may concave and make you appear older than you are.

There are many options to replace missing teeth. You may use removable dentures or get dental implants. A dental implant procedure may help you fight possible complications of missing teeth. You should not wait before dental problems become worse; act now to keep that perfect smile.

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