Buying Guide: Finding the Right Used Car from a Dealer

Used Car For Sale There are probably as many advantages as disadvantages to buying used cars. With the fluctuating rates of living and other costs, more people are realising the pros as opposed to the cons.

Regardless of whether a car is brand new or not, its price can still be quite high. This is the reason it’s important to check your purchase before signing anything. Sure, you may be saving hundreds — or maybe thousands of dollars — with buying used, but if the vehicle is going to cost you more in repairs and maintenance in the future, you might as well buy brand new.

Unfortunately, not many people know what to look at when buying vehicles. Here are some tips car dealers in Manukau note that you should remember:


Take a good look at the car. Does it look well-taken cared of? Look past the easy fixes and the glossy wax finish of the chassis, the dealer could easily have done that. Look at the leather of the seats. Do they look like they’re about to come off? What about the underside? Are there signs of rust? Now, these checks can’t guarantee whether what you’re about to buy is good or not, but they can point you in the right direction. You certainly don’t want a car looking like it had a criminal past.

Test Drive

Maybe you don’t know much about the engine and whatever is going on under the hood, and that’s not a problem. You’re still allowed to give it a test drive, right? When you do the test drive, notice even the smallest details. Is there a weird sound when you step on the clutch? Does the brake feel natural? Try and push the car to its limits. After all, if it can’t handle that, then you don’t want it.

The Price

Do your due diligence when it comes to the pricing. Research similar makes and models and compare the price you were quoted. Is it reasonable? Do you feel you can slash off a few couple of hundreds due to some malfunctioning part? Is there anything in the car that might need a few trips to the shop and cost you additional money?

Buying used cars can be a daunting experience for first-time buyers, but hopefully, with a little hard work, you can get the car you need for the price you want.

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