Have a Winter-Ready Home with These Three Tips

Ice dam on the roofWinter is a time to don your most stylish coats, boots, gloves and headgear. Staying outdoors can be uncomfortable, but the idea of a warm home can cheer you up. However, it takes lots of preparation to have such home.

To start, make a list of the services you need before, during and after the chilly months. These include heater inspection, pipe repair and ice dam removal in Minneapolis. Before winter starts, have your heater, pipe and roof checked and fixed by a pro. You can also get a winter-ready home by doing the following tips:

Prepare for the Boots’ Attack

Your entryways are going to deal with snow coming from boots. Make them ready for the boots’ attack by adding a boot scraper and outdoor doormat. You can find plenty of these items in various designs. Aside from these things, it also pays to put a furniture such as bench or boot rack for ease of removal and organization.

Keep Frozen Water at Bay

Many homeowners deal with frozen water during winter. Consult a plumber about your faulty pipes. Apart from asking a pro, you can also do some steps on your own to prevent such problem.

The first step is to drain your outdoor faucets, sprinklers and hoses. Keep your hoses inside the storage or basement. Get some warm tape ready for faulty pipes as well. You should also know how to turn your main water valves off in case one of your pipes bursts.

Ensure Proper Insulation

Aside from your heating system, proper insulation is going to be your friend in the chilly months. With this, cold air can’t easily get inside your home. When too much cold air enters your home, you need to boost your heater use. This brings about higher heating expenses.

To ensure proper insulation, you can install storm doors and windows. Apply caulk to the gaps or holes in your doors, windows and walls as well. Don’t forget to check the insulation in your attic. If there is poor insulation in it, you will likely need ice dam removal service in Minneapolis in winter.

Having a winter-ready home means having a cozy place to stay in when the outdoors becomes too uncomfortable. It requires preparation on your part. The preparation may take some time, money and effort but it can prevent hassles during the chilly months.

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