Amphibious Utility Vehicles Outfitted for Agricultural Uses Make Farm Work Easier

Big Tractor

It takes many workers and long-hour-days to keep a farm running smoothly. Farm hands do a lot of heavy lifting; and, if the farm is several acres wide, they need a reliable vehicle to get from one area to another. For this reason, farm owners prefer to have amphibious vehicles for their workers’ use.

Conquering Muddy Trails and Gravelly Paths

An extreme-terrain vehicle is perfect for agricultural farms, and here’s why. Besides the scenarios above, it’s common for farms to have areas where the soil is so soft that they resemble mud flats after a hard rain. It becomes a problem when workers need to drive through these areas.

A pickup truck is a standard vehicle on farms, but it is still liable to get stuck in the mud. An extreme terrain vehicle like the amphibious utility XTV’s by Argo, on the other hand, is better-suited for this situation. It can pass through rocky, muddy terrain with ease compared to other vehicles. If the property has brooks or swampy areas, workers can easily drive through them, as well.

Amphibious vehicles are equally reliable during the summer months when the terrain is dry and gravelly. Its tires are thick and can easily take the beating of the hot roads.

With these vehicles, farm hands will be able to access all areas of the farm and transport employees, cargo, and equipment safely.

Spraying, Towing, and Transporting: Additional Applications for XTVs

Extreme terrain utility vehicles are also very flexible, which makes them even more valuable for agricultural use. Owners outfit them with accessories to maximize their capabilities. For instance, if a farm’s main purpose for its utility vehicle is to shuttle workers across uneven terrain, it’s possible to install extra seats and a cargo deck on board. It’s also powerful enough to help tow vehicles stuck in mud or concealed holes.

Another rather unconventional use of extreme terrain utility vehicles is for spraying fertilizer or pesticides. These vehicles have a unique build: their tires may be massive, but they only press light pressure on the ground. This means the soil doesn’t become compact when the vehicle passes, and fertilizers and pesticides may penetrate it easily.

With the countless uses and benefits they offer, amphibious, extreme-terrain utility vehicles are useful additions to any farm.

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