Most Common Causes of Accidents on the Road

car accidentThe majority of citizens residing in traffic-congested cities have already grown accustomed to witnessing damaged cars bringing the traffic to a standstill. While most of these accidents are the basic fender benders, some of them are severe enough to be fatal. It is, therefore, essential that you understand the most common factors that contribute to car accidents:

Reckless driving

Careless driving is a major cause of multiple accidents, which often lead to severe injuries and even deaths. Following another car too closely or running stop signs is not uncommon among both younger and mature drivers.

If you happen to sustain injuries through another person’s recklessness on the road, you ought to hire a competent auto accident lawyer in Lynnwood to get adequate representation for possible compensation.


Multiple accidents have been caused by driving at high speed. This trend is especially common among new drivers who find going slow to be a drag. It is, however, critical to remember that an automobile is a dangerous tool and driving fast affords you diminished time to react in the event of something going wrong.

Distracted driving

With the rapid advancement of mobile technologies, distracted driving is more prevalent in the U.S. It is not unusual to hear that a handful of people caused an accident and died because they were texting or talking on a cell phone, which prevented them from noticing an imminent danger.

You could also cause an accident when daydreaming, reading something, focusing on some event off the roadway, reaching over to grab an item or simply talking to a passenger. The importance of focusing all your mental and physical energy on the task of driving cannot be overstated.

Make sure to stay alert enough to deal with sudden deviations in the environment that could pose a threat. Keeping an accomplished auto accident lawyer’s phone number on file in case of an eventuality is highly advisable.

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