Advertising to Feelings: Making Customers Feel for Your Business

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Customers are attracted to a business because of several things. You can identify these things through market research and surveys, but utilizing this information to attract more sales is about finding the right balance. You cannot go too emotional,, but you cannot be too direct either.

Consider the importance of display in selling. Display plays just as crucial a role online as it does in the physical store. You would not sell well if your display is lackluster or basic. A proper gun display case is key to selling when dealing with gun enthusiasts, law enforcement, or hobbyists. Similarly, careful and detailed labeling is necessary when selling wool to hardcore knitters.

Appeal to Passions

All people who are passionate about an activity or hobby are the same in this regard. They are more likely to spend serious capital in a store where the retailers share the same care and appreciation for the items.

Thus, the display needs to be aesthetic, which appeals to emotion, but also practical. Applying this balance in the right quantities to your advertising and marketing efforts requires that you understand the different ways you can appeal to customers. Information and understanding will help you find that sweet spot that will see your revenues go sky-high. That said, here are a few emotions to which you can appeal to your audience.


Appeal directly to the heartstrings of your target demographics. These advertisements are all about making your audience feel strong emotions such as sadness, compassion, joy, or delight.

Advertisements from Thailand have gained a great deal of notice online for how they tug the heartstrings to make viewers tear up or experience nostalgia. Use the internet to find these videos and others that use personal appeals to structure these heartfelt messages.


Structure your advertisements to make customers think that they must get on the same train as everyone else. This means making people believe that an item or product has great appeal, and they must have it because so many other people want it.

Think of it as a product going viral. This often happens around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas because there is a lot of social expectation involved. People want their homes to look up-to-date and beautiful to their visitors, and they want to get the perfect gift for their loved ones.

advertising to happy emotions


This should be used lightly in advertising because the elements you have to bring in can be pretty graphic and emotionally draining. To make people think of loss is a powerful tool. It can motivate people to make purchases to alleviate the fear, but it can overwhelm them if pushed too much.

It is best to use fear-based appeals lightly or rarely as people may simply stop viewing your advertising and marketing because they do not want to feel negative emotions. Organizations that deal with conservation, food, and cancer have found fear appeals very effective. But even they temper their messages over time.

Fear-based appeals may be inappropriate depending on your product, so it is crucial to evaluate in-depth before considering it for use.


Everyone loves to laugh. Many advertisements that have gone viral on social media appeal to people’s sense of humor.

There is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate when using humor. What you think is funny may not be appreciated by everyone. It is a good idea to test your humor-based advertisements on a diverse focus group before releasing them for mass circulation.

The last thing you need is to share an advertisement intended to be funny and get accused of ridiculing something many people feel strongly about.


Social media influencers can use their clout and following to attract people to your brand. Many of these influencers take the time to use your product and document the process. This can increase credibility as people can see that they are genuinely using the product. Many people see celebrities or models as paid talking heads for products and prefer to endorse products like themselves.

Additionally, highly respected influencers have integrity. If they endorse your product, it will appeal to customers because they know that your brand fits the standard the influencer holds for ethical consumption and business dealings.

These are just a few of the many kinds of advertising appeal. You can also look into romantic appeal, sexual appeal, sports appeal, and many more. Consider using surveys via email and social media to find out what might be the most appealing way to inspire your target demographic.

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